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According to a recent Gallup poll — 70% of the world’s workforce are disengaged. A NEW paradigm of “engagement leadership” is needed from our current and future leaders. Are you prepared or will you be left behind?

Deep down, YOU are a leader.

And you know it.

You feel the pull, you hear the calling to step up, the urge to speak up and take responsibility, but you haven’t been able to completely show up in the way that you KNOW you are meant to.

You have read the books, taken the seminars and listened repeatedly to others tell you how you need to lead and yet, the inner volume of your leadership “wisdom” is still turned so low that others are not responding and you are not getting the results you are seeking. You know there is a leader inside, one that can step up and lead the charge, from a different place. You just don’t know how to access that part of you. And you find yourself asking, Why?

At The PRAXIS LEADERSHIP ACADEMY you will be introduced to a new you, a new way of being and new strategies allowing for results that will change and shift both your home and work life… from the inside out.

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Whether you are a man or woman, young or seasoned, manager, leader, owner or visionary – people are longing for conscious leaders to step up and guide them to engage in the bigger picture of life and work.

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The Praxis Leadership Academy

Based upon 8 Pillars of success proven to  be needed in today’s social and business climates:



Emotional and Social Intelligence






At PLA we offer a comprehensive series of three, 5-day programs that will break you out of the invisible shell that has been holding you back from expressing your full potential.

But… only if you are willing and able to first, turn the attention completely on you, your thoughts, your behaviors, your limitations and hidden strengths.

The first week will be all about YOU uncovering, owning and shedding the buried “crap” that has held you back and kept you from releasing the authentic personal presence within that is just waiting to be unearthed.

During the second week you will step back and look at the bigger picture of life and work. You will learn strategies on how to apply the true leader that you are in all areas. You will continue to free yourself of an even deeper set of old limiting patterns so that you can accept the inner call to lead. You will learn how to fully embrace and embody your core values, passion and purpose so that your every action reflects this intent.

From here, others will feel, resonate and respond to your clearly laid out mission, vision and purpose for yourself, your business and/or your organization. This clarity and transparency will then be contagious to those around you.

By the third week, you will then be ready to learn a set of tools to deliver your message in a way that will move others into deliberate action creation, or to welcome an atmosphere of change, collaboration and ultimate success.

P.L.A. - Module I P.L.A. - Module IIP.L.A. - Module III

Leading Yourself First – The Insight Experience

Discovering What Engagement Leadership Really Is

  Module I
*Can be Delivered in ANY location*

Facilitated by PLA Founder: Skip Lackey

Let’s get clear… What is Conscious Leadership to you?
Who are you as a leader? Who do you WANT to BE as a leader?
Who are leaders that you admire?
What stops you from being that kind of leader?
What might be in the way of you being the best leader you can be?

In Module One, you will uncover hidden belief systems, unconscious concepts and the origin of old leadership habits and patterns running your show. Then through specialized, proven techniques you will clear those deep seeded belief’s, concepts and patterns allowing you to open into a new way of being from a heightened state of awareness, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

Skills learned during Module I:

  • Embracing Your Conscious Leadership Qualities
  • Understanding the Perception Model
  • Engagement Communication Skills
  • Embracing Emotional Intelligence
  • Clear the Need for Permission to be a Leader
  • Dumping the Labels of Leadership
  • Examine Unconscious More than/Less than Games
  • Leadership Vow Changes
  • Embracing your Fear of Failure and Success
  • The Benefits of Social Intelligence
  • The 7 Rules You Were Born to Break
  • Owning Leadership Accountability
  • The Art of Easy Decision Making
  • Engaging the “self” in authentic leadership
  • Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Practices
  • The Victim / Blame / Defense Triad

Non-Residential: 5-day seminar
Prerequisite: Open to EVERYONE!

The Praxis Leadership Academy (PLA) is not your typical leadership training program where you are given a set of prefabricated rules to follow and then left to figure out where and how to apply them. Instead, you are offered a specialized training partnership based upon what today’s non-conventional leaders are implementing in order to increase revenue and create a workplace environment built upon trust, awareness and an unstoppable desire to collaborate, perform and succeed.

Leading by Knowing EXACTLY What You Want

Defining your personal and organizational expansion

Module II
*Can be Delivered in ANY location*

Facilitated by: Skip Lackey

Now that you are clear about who you are as a leader, let’s get clear about what you WANT! In Module II – you will again be introduced to verified techniques that will allow you to determine the personal legacy you desire to leave behind.  This will systematically unfold as your personal mission, vision, and value systems are clearly stated and you discover how they coincide with the culture you wish to create within your company or business. This amendable awareness will produce a tangible shift in your ability to be resilient and quickly embrace new changes and challenges in the workplace should they arise.

A key element to this session lies in the ability to embrace change and help others to do the same. You will walk away with a deeper sense of personal awareness and responsibility at home, work and life.

Skills learned during Module II:

  • Above The Line / Below The Line
  • Embody Resilience During a Crisis
  • My Need to Control / Comply / Rebel
  • Engagement Leadership / Micro Management / Abdication
  • Embracing Input and Asking for Feedback as a Leader
  • Working with Authentic and Purposeful Communication
  • Running Meetings with Six Thinking Hats
  • Values Hierarchy
  • Full Circle Visioning
  • Introduction to The Enneagram at Work
  • Phobic Leadership – Should/Shouldn’t/Must/Can’t
  • Leadership Games
  • Understanding your Team and What Motivates Them
  • Empowering Leadership – Becoming a Coach to your Team
  • The Power of Resilience
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • The Customer Comes Last – Full Being Engagement for Success

The Praxis Leadership Academy is a true paradigm shift.  Where you will DISCOVER, RESOLVE and TRANSFORM the blocks to your own creativity, innovation and innate wisdom around leadership–Awakening your true authentic self. Ultimately bringing forth the innate leader within through the ability to evoke team and/or audience cohesion and motivation toward the ultimate embodiment of engagement leadership.

Consciously Leading Others Into Action

M.A.P.P – Motivating Action through Passion and Purpose

Module III
*Can be Delivered in ANY location*

Facilitated by: Skip Lackey

By the third training in PLA, you have cleared away the blocks to embracing authentic leadership.  You have also embraced your vision and values and are clear on your mission and purpose either as an individual or as a team member in an organization. You will now be confident to embrace and manage change while effortlessly moving your team forward with an assured, clear and specific intention.

Module III – is where “the-rubber-meets-the-road” in learning to lead through conscious influence.  It’s where the authentic leader emerges and shows up.

Skills learned during Module III:

  • Embracing A Coaching Management Style
  • Understanding Your Team and What Motivates Them.
  • Recognizing Team Needs
  • Building Rapport and Trust with your Team
  • Channeling Authentic Leadership Energy
  • On Stage – Embody the Message and Emotion
  • Spatial Energy Spheres
  • Contrast Frame
  • Conscious Influence
  • Leadership Games
  • Public Speaking Styles – Presentation of the Authentic Self
  • Story Telling – A Powerful Tool
  • Authentic Sales
  • Permission to Speak and Lead
  • Advanced Communication and Presentation skills
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The overall OUTCOME of this life-changing program:

You will leave the final module with the ability to move a colleague, team, small group or even a large audience into taking action in a conscious and transparent way. Your passion and purpose will be evident by the congruency of your actions. As your new skills integrate you will be amazed time after time how differently people will begin to respond to you. How clients respond to you. How easy and effortless it will become to be the leader that is needed in each and every situation that may arise.

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Why is a new paradigm of leadership necessary in today’s ever-changing workplace?

Simply put, the old, top-down, command-and-control leadership style is becoming obsolete. The way that we must lead is rapidly changing and we must change and grow with it or be ready to face crumbling false sense of security.

Here is an example of what is necessary right now to have a work environment that keeps your workforce happy and engaged.

First, do you have a Mission, a Vision and Values identified?
Next, if you do, can you say it out loud, from your memory?
And if you have gotten this far in the questions, does everyone in your business know your organizations Mission, Vision and Values and can THEY recite them by heart?

I would lay odds that the answer is no.

Like 97% of typical Leaders and business owners, they might have crafted one that is either posted on the wall somewhere or is hidden away in a document only to be pulled out and dusted off once in a great while.

This is just the first step in conscious, engagement Leadership – EVERYONE in the company can recite what you stand for and what your top 3 to 5 goals for the year are. And when I say everybody, I mean EVERYBODY! From the top down and the bottom up.

Why is this one little thing so important?

I’ve heard it say that “how you do one thing… is how you do everything”, and this sets the tone for the transparency of the Leadership process. Everyone is important and everyone can do their part. Each and every person is integral and necessary or they shouldn’t be there. They ALL know their “why”. And that is the basis of engagement, leadership, sustainable success and more in today’s work environment.

Conscious, mindful, resilient, wide open leadership.

THAT’S what the workforce that is coming is asking for. Meet the call… or become stagnant and stale. It might work right now… and in just a few years time, it will be the kiss of death.

As the “baby boomer” generation ages and continues to fall out of the workplace, they are being replaced by the “millennials”, the vast majority of them put up with those out-of-date tactics. You will not be able to keep a team (with any real skill) in the future if you don’t embrace the new authentic leadership tools that are necessary for success in the 21st century. No matter HOW much you pay them. This is a game changer.

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Millennials, otherwise known as “Generation Y”, those born between 1982 and 2003 are a force whose dominating presence and behavior (everywhere, but especially in the workforce) will define American life and culture in the next decade and beyond…

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That’s a big shift in the next 10 years, so it’s understandable why the majority of companies are are planning ahead to make the most of a multi-generational workforce where millennials constitute a majority.

  • 92% believe that business success should be measured by more than profit.
  • 88% prefer a collaborative work-culture rather than a competitive one.
  • 74% want flexible work schedules
  • 64% of them say it’s a priority for them to make the world a better place.
  • 88% want “work-life integration” (which isn’t the same as work- life balance, since work and life now blend together intricately)
  • 80% of Gen Y said they prefer on-the-spot recognition over formal reviews, and feel that this is imperative for their growth and understanding of a job. They want to be appreciated just like any other generation of workers, but they like to be called out and recognized immediately as opposed to waiting around for a formal review.


  • 64% of millennials would rather make $40,000/ year at a job they love than $100,000/year at a job they think is boring. They must feel engaged with those around them.
  • Millennials who qualify as “engaged” in their jobs (nearly two-thirds of those surveyed) say they would continue to work in their current job, even if they won a $10 million lottery prize.
  • Companies experience high turnover with those employees identified as “millennials” – by a 2:1 margin versus previous generations. The hard, soft and opportunity cost of recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training employees who leave within their first 24 months is expensive.

The data speaks for itself. Give your millennial employees a work experience that they will love from the moment that they’re hired, and they’re much more likely to remain loyal to your company and brand.

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Are you READY and ABLE to meet the call?

If the answer is – No… the question is WHY?
If the answer is “not yet”… the question is — WHEN?

The true answer?
Leadership is a choice.
Make the choice to step up and join us now.

It’s important to know that the sequence of The Praxis Program trainings are meant to be taken in the order listed in this proposal.

Each training builds on the next one.

The Praxis Leadership Program Cost:
**Note** all prices are quoted in Canadian Dollar (CND)

King City Ontario (Toronto North) May 17-21, 2017

Module I (early bird pricing)
just $1,495 (CND)
Regular price – $1,995

SAVE $500 on this workshop!


Download the Module I info!

Module 1 is going to be held at Annette Nolan’s cozy
It’s All About You Centre for Complementary Health
It’s located just north of Toronto Canada in the country.
It’s a wonderful get-a-way from the city stress.
Make your room arrangement directly with them.
Onsite accommodations are limited. Book Early!

Module I – May 17-21, 2017
Module II – August 9-13, 2017
Module III – Fall, 2017

Register for ALL 3 Sessions in
advance for a $1,650 discount:

just $4,335 (CND)
Plus receive a BONUS 1 hour Coaching
session with PLA Founder – Skip Lackey


Regular Price for each Workshop Paid Separately

Praxis Module I – $1,995  
Praxis Module II – $1,995  
Praxis Module III – $1,995 

Regular FULL Price for ALL 3 Modules – $5,985

Price is for the workshop only. Onsite accommodation and food will be reasonably priced. Speak to Annette Nolan at: It’s All About You Centre for Complimentary Health – for details.

If finances are an issue – a payment plan can be made available if needed.

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Future Add On’s

After the completion of the trainings, Praxis Leadership Academy offers a series of follow up Leadership calls and closed group conference calls as an ongoing integration for the group if it is determined that more is needed. Skip will also provide Private Coaching to continue to grow as a Leader.